Phone Repair Service

We fix all smartphone models, make a diagnostic and replace all non-working parts at record terms.

Smartphone Repair

Except standard services we offer additional ones which can be made urgently

Data Recovery – Need important data that you’re afraid of losing? We provide both data back up and data recovery services, so whether your hard drive is functioning or not, we can retrieve important documents, photos, videos, or anything else you may need. We can perform data back-up and recovery on a range of memory types; from external and internal hard drives, to Micro SD cards for phones, memory cards for cameras, and even the newest SSD drives.
Unlock – If you recently changed networks and don’t want to pay for a new phone, why not have the phone network unlocked? This involves opening a phone, so that it can be used on all networks, making switching providers both quick and painless. Prices for unlock start at $10, and most models can be unlocked in a couple of hours. Use our free quick estimate section to find out more about getting your phone unlocked.
Engineering Report – Thankfully, even if devices can’t be repaired, there’s still a solution. If you have your device insured, or the device is covered under your home insurance policy, you shouldn’t have to foot the bill for replacing it. We can provide a full diagnostics of any device, and prepare an engineering report on the exact fault, or faults, do that you can have a qualified electronic engineer to back you up.

Engineering Reports can be used for:

  • Resale of Electronic Items
  • Insurance Purposes.
  • Legal Reasons.
  • 3rd Party Opinion
  • Value Appraisal
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